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Bible Basics

 Leader: Pastor Carter

This Bible Study is designed to cover the basic doctrines of the Bible and is suitable for learning about the teachings of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) of which St. Paul's is a member.  When the course is completed, non-members will have the option of declaring their agreement with these teachings and becoming members of St. Paul's.  Members will also find it to be a valuable refresher course and are encouraged to participate.   Scheduling is adapted to the needs of the group.   For further information or to check for any scheduling changes, please click "Calendar" on the menu bar, or contact Pastor Carter at pastorcarter@stpaulsbrownsville.org  or 920-979-3087

Topics to be covered in this class are as follows:
God Reveals Himself, God Promised to Save, Jesus Redeemed Us, Jesus Will Come Again, The Holy Spirit's Work, Blessings of Baptism, The Lord's Supper, God Gathers the Church, God Works in His Word, God Created the World, Who Jesus Is, What Jesus Does Now, The Importance of Prayer, Studying the Bible, Following God's Will, The Victorious Life, Serving Together, and Witnessing to Others.

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