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St. Paul's Church Library

St. Paul's Library... 
                                                              ...is open for business!!

St. Paul’s Church Library is privileged to assist in carrying out Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.  To that end we have a diverse collection of media which may be borrowed by members and guests for their personal use.  You will find books, a few videos, CDs and DVDs for adults and children of all ages. Topics covered range from Bible related publications to Christian fiction.  We are located in the church narthex (west and north entrances).

Take a look at our new bulletin board space on the west wall of the narthex.  This will help keep you current regarding the seasons of the church year and some of the media suitable for each season.  We are now in the Time of Pentecost until End Times begins in November.

We invite all of our "old" and new patrons to enjoy the the upcoming reading and viewing season!!   All media are classified using the Dewey Decimal System and shelf labels. There is a Dewey Decimal guide on the west wall.  Age groups are identified with color coded stickers on the book spine and shelved accordingly. Age codes are A-Adult (no stickers), E-Easy Reader (infant –grade 1; red stickers), J-Juvenile (grades 2-5; blue stickers), YA- Young Adult (grades 6+; yellow stickers), and F-Fiction.   You are welcome to check out material by following the instructions at  the checkout area. The current WELS Yearbook, which is NOT to be checked out, is found on the narthex counter, as are a few current selections, the latter of which we encourage you to check out. Please stop in and check us out, or better yet, a book or whatever pleases you!  

We have a fresh new look in our little library and have recntly added a new batch of media as of early fall 2019.  Almost all new items are on the handy west window shelf over the checkout counter.  A few others you will find on display on the various bookshelves.  Enjoy!!
pb Wild Montana Skies F   A Warren, Susan May
pb Rescue Me F   A Warren, Susan May
pb Matter of Trust, A F   A Warren, Susan May
pb Troubled Waters F   A Warren, Susan May
pb Storm Front F   A Warren, Susan May
pb Wait for Me F   A Warren, Susan May
pb Growing As a Single Parent 248.4   A Robson, Janet
pb Genesis   TPB 222   A Jeske, John
pb 1 Corinthians 227   A Toppe, Carleton
pb Loving God More 248.3   A Molkentine, Angie
pb Quick to Listen 233   A  Degner, Samuel
pb WELS & Other Lutherans  2nd edition 284.1   A Brug, John F.
pb Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ 226   A Jensen, Aaron M
pb Day by Day 242.2   A Luther, Dr. Martin
pb Moments in the Word for Moms 242.6   A Berg, Melissa M
pb Gaius Diary, The F   A Edwards, Gene
pb Priscilla Diary, The F   A Edwards, Gene
pb Jesus Loves Me F   E Dandi
pb How God Gives Us Bread F   E LeBar, Mary
hc Archibald's Opposites F   E Vischer, Phil
hc What is God Like? F   E/Juv Erickson, Mary E.
hc I Believe in Jesus F   E MacArthur, John
hc Weird & Wonderful Creations F   E Hassinger, Mary   (Edit)
pb Grandma Remembers 242.68   A Rainwater, Pearl
pb Count My Blessings F   E Yoon, Salina
hc Story of Moses, The F   E none listed
hc Veggiecational Book, The F   E Vischer, Phil
hc Hats Off to Lyle F   E Kidd, Ronald
hc Knight to Remember, A F   E Kenney, Cindy
hc Letters to God F   E. Doughtie Patrick
pb Top 100 Women of the Bible, The 220.92   A McQuade, Pamela
pb Listen, God is Speaking to You 242.68   A Paustian, Henry E.
pb Beside Quiet Waters 242.2   A Lauersdorf, Richard E.
pb Hebrews    TPB 227   A Lauersdorf, Richard E.
pb From Dirty to Dancing 242.4   A Novotny, Mike
pb Revelation   TPB 228   A Mueller, Wayne D.
pb 10 Things to Tell Your Grandchildren 242.6   A Selenka
pb Noah's Ark F   E  
hc On Giving Advice to God Pt. 1 Advent-Easter 242.3   A Deutschlander, Daniel M
hc On Giving Advice to God Pt. 2 Pentecost-End Times 242.3   A Deutschlander, Daniel M
pb What's So Amazing About Grace? 234   A Yancey, Philip
DVD Gesangbuch (Song Boo)-Koine dvd #80   A Compiled
DVD Church Bells - Koine dvd #81   A Compiled
DVD Big Ideas dvd #82   YA/A  
DVD White Wolves II dvd #83   YA/A  
DVD White Wolves--A Cry in the Wild II dvd #84   YA/A  
DVD Safe Harbor dvd #85   YA/A  
DVD Songs Kids Really Love to Sing (30) dvd #86   E Green, Brian (Arrang)
DVD Songs Kids Really Love to Sing (17) dvd #87   E Green, Brian (Arrang)
DVD Songs Kids Really Love to Sing (31) dvd #88   E Green, Brian (Arrang)
pb Look Up From Your Phone So I can Love You 248.6   A/YA Vannieuwenhoven, Amy
hc Bible Stories  2nd Edition F   E/Juv  

The following is a list of newly shelved acquisitions in March 2019.  The first column identifies the title, the 2nd column identifies fiction (as F) or the Dewey Decimal #, and the 3rd column is  the age level.   Enjoy reading or listening to our new items!!  THese items have been incorporated into the general shelving using the Dewey Decimal system.  All adult fiction is on the southeast bookshelf. The WELS yearbook is on the west counter in the narthex.

2019 WELS Yearbook 254   Adult
Life of Martin Luther 922   Adult
Celebration of Grace 248.4   Adult
Second Thoughts About Living Together 248.8   Adult
Son of Hamas 297   Adult
Exodus 222   Adult
Jeremiah and Lamentations 224   Adult
1 Chronicles 222   Adult
Searching Heart, A F   Adult
Together in Christ 284.1   Adult
Revelation, The F   Adult
Many Infallible Truths 239   Adult
Ready to Return 261   Adult
Escaping the Deathtraps 266   Adult
Open Doors, Open Hearts 266   Adult
Jesus, is Lord; Addiction is Not 266   Adult
I'm A Christian--Even at Work 261.85   Adult
When the One You Love is Gone 242.4   Adult
Lord's Suuper; the Lamb's High Feast 234   Adult
Heaven & Hell; Life & Eternal Punishment 236   Adult
Christ, He is My Lord 232   Adult
His Days, My Praise 242.68   Adult
Flowers in the Desert  224   Adult
Unexpected Treasures 220.9   Adult
Easter Triiumph, Easter Joy 263.92   Adult
Week That Changed the World, The DVD #78   Family, Adult S'vision
Return to Grace, A DVD #79   Family, Adult S'vision
Flood, The 221.9   Juv; Young Adult
Exodus, The 221.9   Juv; Young Adult
Without Warning F-Juv   Young Adult
God's Plan for Luther and Me DVD #75   Juvenile
His is Risen DVD #76   Juvenile
Peter's Denial DVD #77   Juvenile
Luther's Catechism  NIV 2011 238   Young Adult; Adult
Get Up Lazarus (Arch Book) F- E   Young Children
Jesus Shows His Glory (Arch Book) F-E   Young Children
Jesus' First Miracle (Arch Book) F-E   Young Children
One Minute Bible Stories F-E   Young Children
Little Visits with Jesus F-E   Young Children
Cats, Dogs, Hamsters & Horses F-E   Young Children
Big Bugs, Little Bugs F-E   Young Children
Jungle Beasts F-E   Young Children
Sea Creatures F-E   Young Children
Rainforest Friends F-E    Young Children
Our Feathered Friends F-E   Young Children
Lydia Believes  (Arch Book) F-E    Young Children
Jesus Calms the Storm F-E   Young Children
Jesus' Beach Breakfast F-E   Young Children

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