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St. Paul's Church Library

St. Paul's Library... 
                                                              ...is once again open for business

St. Paul’s Church Library is privileged to assist in carrying out Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.  To that end we have a diverse collection of media which may be borrowed by members and guests for their personal use.  You will find books, a few videos, CDs and DVDs for adults and children of all ages. Topics covered range from Bible related publications to Christian fiction.  We are located in the church narthex (west and north entrances).

St. Paul’s Church Library is now much more accessible due to the recent addition on the west end of the church.  We have a fresh new look in our little library as well, and will soon be adding a new batch of media.  The  "New Media List"  items will be shelved by Feb 1.

ve recently decided to remove our children's videos (VCRs) from circulation because most families have replaced their VCR players with DVD equipment. These "de-commissioned" VCRs will be available in Winter 2018 for anyone who would like them.  If you are so inclined to make a small donation for same, we would be most grateful.
Most of the adult videos are still on the shelves and may be checked out.

We invite all of our "old" and new patrons--especially our pre-school kids and new families--to enjoy the the upcoming reading and viewing season!!   All media are classified using the Dewey Decimal System and shelf labels. There is a Dewey Decimal guide on the west wall.  Age groups are identified with color coded stickers and shelved accordingly. Age codes are A-Adult (no stickers), E-Easy Reader (infant –grade 1; red stickers), J-Juvenile (grades 2-5; blue stickers), YA- Young Adult (grades 6+; yellow stickers), and F-Fiction.   You are welcome to check out material by following the instructions at  the checkout area. The current WELS Yearbook, which is NOT to be checked out, is found on the narthex counter, as are a few current selections, the latter of which we encourage you to check out. Please stop in and check us out, or better yet, a book or whatever pleases you!  

The school children are taken to the Church Library on the second Friday in the months of December (2017), January and March (2018) by Ardis Weigand and Carol Leonard.  Be sure to remind your children to be responsible for placing returning media into the"RETURN" box in the lower school hallway or the“RETURN” box behind the library door —not on the library shelves, in the basement, or on the classroom shelves. Notices will be sent home on a monthly basis with your child if items are not returned in a timely manner to help curb some of the “losses” in recent years.  Library privileges will be temporarily suspended if media is not returned BEFORE the next library visit.
The following is a list of newly shelved acquisitions for January 2018.  The first column identifies the media type, the 2nd column identifies the media title, the 3rd  column is fiction (F) or the Dewey Decimal numbers if non-fiction, and 4th column is  the age level.    Enjoy reading or listening to our new items!!

DVD         Martin Luther Story, The                                           Juv
DVD         Joshua and the Battle of Jericho                                 E
DVD         Daniel and the Lions' Den                                          E
DVD         Movie Critters                                                           E
DVD         Journey to Paradise                                                   A
DVD         Return, The                                                              A
pb            Katharina von Bora                                    922         YA
hc            Dark Side of Islam, The                              921         A
pb            Luther, Biography of a Reformer                 922         A
hc            Katharina and Martin Luther                       922          A
pb            Timothy Diary, The                                    227         A
pb            Bloom Where God Plants You                     266          A
hc            Reformation ABCs                                     270.6      Juv
pb            Atlas of the European Reformations            260          A
hc            Holy Bible, NIV 1984 ed.                            220.5       A
pb            WELS Yearbook 2018                                254          A
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