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Worship at St. Paul's

   St. Paul's Lutheran Church
      605 Highland Ave.  Box 307
      Brownsville, WI 53006


Third Sunday of End Time
Saints Triumphant

Nov 17, 2019

Worship Service
9:00 a.m.

Adult Bible Study
10:15 a.m.

Sunday School
8:00 a.m.


Upholding God's Truth and Proclaiming God's Promises
Welcome Home Series Continues

     Saints Triumphant Sunday
Death is ugly. It does not matter if someone dies after a long protracted fight with some illness or if they die peacefully in their sleep. Either way, the body goes into the ground and begins to decay. Either way, that person is gone, and their absence is constantly noticed.

Death would be overwhelming were it not for the fact that, for the believer, Christ has completely transformed death. Death is not the end. For those who are part of Christ’s family, death is the beginning of a new and better life, one where the deceased has triumphed over sin and all its consequences.

We thank God for this beautiful gospel truth—that Christians have an everlasting family. When Christian loved ones die, they are not “lost.” Something is lost when: a) you don’t know where it is, and therefore b) you will not see it again. We know exactly where our deceased Christian loved ones are. We look forward to being reunited with them soon in our true home—heaven. Welcome home!

Commemoration of the Faithfully Departed
The Prayer of the Church in this week's service includes a "commemoration of the faithfully departed."  Many congregations have had the practice of remembering their members who have been called home either in their services on or near All Saints' Day (Nov 1) or on New Year's Eve.  This week's prayer of the church includes such a remembrance.  We'll thank the Lord for those among us who have joined the saints triumphant in the last three years by reading their names and then either their confirmation verse or a portion of the text of the sermon at their funeral.  We hope to continue this practice in future years.


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