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Welcome to St. Paul's School
             St. Paul's Lutheran School             
Brownsville, WI
Aug 20, 2017

Registration for 2017-2018 - If you haven’t registered yet for the 2017-2018 school year, please do so soon.  Talk to Pastor Carter to set a time to register for kindergarten through grade eight.  Contact Mrs. Liepert to register for preschool.
Summer Spruce-Up - We’ve set Saturday, August 26 as a day to work on a few maintenance and cleaning projects before the school year begins.  We’ll work from 9:00 till noon.  Any and all help will be appreciated.

Wireless Internet - is now available throughout the school building.  PTL is covering the cost of installing the new access points.  The network ID and security key will be posted throughout the school building so that students and others can use the wi-fl while they're here.

St. Paul's School has been teaching the Word of God to area students since 1924.  A new school was added on to the church in 1958, with subsequent additions of 2 more classrooms and a fellowship hall - gymnasium. Our teachers are thoroughly qualified in academics and have the special training necessary to teach all subjects in the light of God's Word. Extracurricular activities are available for those who are interested. If you'd like more information about sending your child to St. Paul's, please call Principal Pastor Carter at 583-4242 or email at pastor@stpaulsbrownsville.org.
Please call 920-583-4242 for more information regarding St. Paul's School or email at "pastor@stpaulsbrownsville"
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